Serves 4

History of Cubanos: Originally from southern Florida, these sandwiches were popularized by cafes that served primarily Cuban workers. Later the Cubano was brought to Miami where it gained its extensive popularity that it has today.



  1. Slice all four rolls (so you have 8 slices), and spread Dijon mustard evenly on all slices.
  2. Place a slice of swiss on each roll slice.
  3. Place a pickle slice on each roll slice.
  4. Distribute the ham evenly among each bread slice.
  5. Add a cup of pulled pork to 4 of the bread slices, and top that with the remaining four bread slices, so now you have a layered sandwich.
  6. Heat a tablespoon of butter in a saucepan, and cook the first sandwich until the bread is crisp. Press the sandwich while cooking with the bottom of another sauce pan. Repeat this for the remaining sandwiches, adding more butter as needed. If you have a panini press, that works as well.
  7. Plate the sandwiches and enjoy!
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