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A fantastic, crispy, hot sandwich of pork, ham, cheese and mustard.

Barbecue Chicken

A yummy summertime grill recipe where you make your own BBQ sauce!

Chicken Quesadillas

Another classic Latin American dish featuring crispy tortillas with heaps of cheese, chicken, and onion.

Spicy Yogurt Chicken

A yummy recipe to celebrate the return of warm weather. Juicy chicken pieces smothered in spicy yogurt marinade, with a warm flatbread to wrap it all up.

Awesome Grilled Cheese

You've had grilled cheese, but you've never had anything like this before! We put in carmelized onions, apples, provelone and more, but you can add anything you like!

Chicken with Leek Cream

This great dish combines the subtle richness of a cream-leek sauce with some tender and juicy chicken breast. Yum!

Beef Bourguignon

A classic and delicious dish that will test your cooking abilities. Make sure to prepare your mouth ahead of time for the delicious flavors.

Oriental Orange Chicken

Forget Chinese restaurants, you can make this dish in your very own kitchen!

Onion Risotto

Who knew rice could be so good. This fantastic dish is composed mainly of Parmesan cheese, caramelized onions, and, of course, rice.

Meatball Subs

Warm, toasty bread. Delicious meatballs. Just a little sprinkle of Parmesan cheese to top it all off. This dish won't disappoint you.

Smoky Mushroom Soup

A hearty stew filled with mushrooms, sausage, onions, and beef that will delight both on the coldest of winter nights and the warmest of summer days.

Tortilla Soup

This Southern dish will take you away to a Mexican Cantina. Many flavors combine to create an amazing soup that you'll be making for a while.

Steak Fajitas

This delicious Mexican recipe will knock your metaphorical socks off. With ease.

Raspberry Pasta with Chicken

Summer's red bounty is back in full force packing a delicious punch in this fantastic recipe.

Grilled Tuna Steaks

Serve up this healthy and easy recipe when you're in the mood for a fishy treat.

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Some say Chinese dragons may have created this particular recipe. We can't attest to that, but we can say that this dish tastes great.

Blue Cheese Bison Burgers

Savory Blue Cheese flavor with delicious bison meat. A great recipe for any time, at any place.

Mini Burritos

Easily made, and edible in four bites. Four delicious, flavorful bites that may just leave standing there and saying "wow".

Greek Turkey Burgers

Delicious turkey meat, warm feta cheese, and savory cucumber sauce. Yet another delicious and easy to make recipe.

An Easy Sushi Recipe

A certainly daunting and delicious recipe, but it is a recipe for teens and I think you're up to the challenge. If you like sushi then try this recipe.

Chicken with Creamy Bowties

This fantastic recipe consists of tangy sun-dried tomatoes, tender chicken pieces, and a wonderfully creamy pasta compliment.

Easy Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is delicious. Don't let hard recipes daunt you from making this great dish! Try's delicious yet easy chicken soup recipe.

Beef Stir Fry

This recipe can bring anyone away to some fantastic Chinese restaurant that big cities are known for. Combining all incredible flavors into one, great looking package, We're sure you'll enjoy this recipe!

Delicious Meatloaf

No longer must you suffer through homemade meatloaf. This recipe will have you actually wanting to eat it! And if you love meatloaf, you're about to love it even more!

Bacon Mac and Cheese

It may not be the healthiest recipe in the book, but hey. Everyone deserves something special every now and then right? Make this whenever you feel up to it! That's an occasion to celebrate!

Sweet Potato Ravioli

People may say they don't really like ravioli. Well, they will think again when they taste this recipe. You will find it very hard, if not impossible, to not like this recipe. Sorry, not going to happen!

Pork Kebabs

A fantastic summer-time grill recipe that can be easily made! Enjoy these mouthfuls of delicious food!

Lemony Pork Gyros

Flavorful, delicious, and fantastic. This amazing recipe can make anyone's mouth and face light up with delight.

Mumbai Apricot Chicken

This scrumptious recipe will carry your mouth and mind away to some far off region of India and leave your body back home.

Seafood Fra Diavolo

This is a truly incredible meal that we totally recommend making! Just the right amount of spiciness, and just the right amount of flavor. A little on the expensive side though. Like I said, a must make.

Inside-Out Cheesesteak

This heavenly sandwich will have anyone getting seconds. Bursting with steak, cheese, mushrooms, onions, and peppers, this dinner will excite anyone's taste buds.

Classic Reubens

Crispy brown bread, heaps of corned beef, and lots of cheese. What could be better?

Asian Pot Sticker Dumplings

Fantastic is really the only fitting word to describe these culinary masterpieces. Each bit gives you something new, whether it be garlic, Asian spices, or ginger.